Apart from defensive constructions, your village requires several civil buildings that do not deal any damage to enemies during attacks, yet serve for other essential purposes.

The core of each village is the most important building - the Castle. The level of the Castle determines the development of the whole village. Importantly, destruction of the Castle gives you an implicit victory when attacking someone.

All buildings can be divided into three categories:

- Resource buildings: windmills (produce bread) and barns (store bread). Mines (produce gold) and treasuries (store gold). Sand Quarry (produce sand) and Sand Storehouse (store sand).

- Military buildings: headquarters, which influnces the army size; barracks and a Fort that allow to recruit warriors; forge and a Workshop, where you can upgrade troops; alchemy lab in which you create spells and a tavern, where you can find immortal heroes.

- Other buildings: you will need a House of Brotherhood to unite with your comrades or lead a mighty Brotherhood on your own. If you want to see what you've achieved on your way to the Throne, you are to visit the Hall of Fame. And if you want to see all the Artifacts and Relics you've collected in the past events, you can view them in the Artifact storage.


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