A Fort is a military building to recruit Warriors of the Sands for battle. The higher the level the Fort is, the more powerful and fearless warriors you can recruit.

When your Fort is destroyed during an attack, you won't lose troops that have been created or that are currently being made.

When the Fort is being built or upgrading you can't recruit troops in them.

Kazarma1 Kazarma2
Level 1 Level 2
Kazarma3 Kazarma4
Level 3 Level 4

By upgrading your castle you increase the available levels of barracks.

Castle level 11 12 13 14
Barracks level 1 2 3 4

By upgrading your Fort, you gain access to new levels of troops. In the table below you can see the following info: the cost and time of the upgrade, the hitpoints of the building and last but not least - the available troops.

Upgrading the Fort requires Bread and Sand.

Lvl Sand Bread Time Hitpoints Troops Castle lvl
1 100000 5000000 1h 2600 Scorpion Small Scorpion 11
2 165000 10000000 2d 7h 2800 Ifrit Small ifrit 12
3 210000 20000000 2d 12h 3000 Arachnid Small spider 13
4 320000 30000000 2d 17h 3200 Battle Elephant Small Battle elephant 14

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