House of Brotherhood

To share a union with other players or create your own one you will need a House of Brotherhood. It becomes available at the 4th level of the Castle.

It will cost you 60 000 gold and it takes 30 minutes to build it.

You have no need to upgrade this building. It's hitpoints are equal to 1950.

After the construction is complete you will be able to search or create a Brotherhood.

How to find a Brotherhood

To search for a Brotherhood click of tap on the building and select Brotherhoods in the menu:

Brotherhood eng

You will see a list of existing Brotherhoods. There you can find the one you need and apply for membership. You can apply to several different Brotherhoods, but will share the one that accepts you application first.

Moreover, you can create your own Brotherhood to unite with your friends and rush to the Throne together.

Open the Create tab. There you can input the name, description, privacy settings, moral and level requirements of the Brotherhood and select it's avatar. The creation will cost you 40 000 gold. Other players should search for your Brotherhood and apply for membership to get into your union. You can also send invite to your friends to join your Brotherhood thus making it easier for your friends to find you. Untitled

Hall of Fame


This imposing building saves the evidences of your great deeds and glorious victories. Do you wish to feast your eyes upon the results of your battle feats? Just click on this building - and you will see a list of your achievements and their progress:

Achiev 1

You can find detailed information about achievements here.

Artifact Storage

Artifact storage buiding
This towering infrastructure stores all your valuable artifacts and relics. Once you get a artifact, it is kept inside and saved forever.

Artifact storage screen

You can find out more in detail about artifacts here.

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