How to deploy Throne Rush Strategies

Go from level 0 to Level 16 in 24 hours

I first got involved with Throne Rush this summer and I been hooked ever since.

At first it reminded madafakaaaaa me of the game Lord of the Rings war strategy game. After careful review it is just that. Only downfall to LOTR game was it did not include a Blizzard version of online multi-player gaming version. LOTR game paid the price when Throne Rush came out and consolidated it with a farming concept on Facebook.

However not to boast but I am fairly decent at war strategies. I even play Blizzard’s Star craft 2 online gold ranked 1 v 1. Platinum 2 v 2.

I have been busy with coding and running my business and have a life outside so I have diminished to a silver status. It is okay I still get ranked with Gold and platinum players so I am okay being the underdog in many ways I kinda like it.

SPOILER ALERTS: YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY $ 20 – $ 25 (not to me) but to Throne Rush for acquisitions of GEMS! If you can get them somewhere else or using the freebies then go for it! 

Anyways since you are let’s get to it.


In the beginning of Throne Rush you get a castle a few tools to start with.

A castle

A builder’s house

A barracks

A headquarters

A windmill

A mine

A barn

A Treasury

A Tower

The focus should be triangular: MONEY – FOOD – CASTLE

To expand in Throne Rush you need both money and food. So this should be your primary driver. Whenever you are restricted because you need to upgrade your castle than do so.

If you have 1 builder always be upgrading your windmill or mine at all times.

Do not worry about amassing your armies and conquering at this point in Throne Rush. Even expansion doesn’t help. It dilutes your resources. Focus on these two and the rest will come.

If you are in a situation and most likely you will be because you have only 1 builder try to get two builders.

Do not get caught up with all the jungles of warring and expanding and all that. Just do it right! My grand father (RIP) would always say to me growing up

Now when you purchase your Throne Rush gems or acquire them using the free gems offering. Get all the way up to 6 builders. It doesn’t make sense now but it will definitely help speed things up and a very powerful Throne Rush Strategy.

As soon as you can do the following upgrades:

1. Get all 6 builders – 720 Gems - 9/1/14 edit. You can only get 2 builders now with the latest update. It is for balancing reasons. Contact Nexter support.

2. Get Dwarf Canooneer – 45 Gems

3. Flames of Retribution. – 250 Gems

Throne Rush Strategies to follow:

  1. Tict you.
  2. Continuously be upgrading your barn and treasury. NOT YOUR MINE AND WINDMILL! There is a difference I shall explain!
  3. All the side upgrades do that while you are waiting for the expansion to be completed. It helps with the time allocation.

Throne Rush Operational Strategies

  1. To be able to successfully advance you will need to upgrade and get more minerals and food to continue. This is where having 6 builders early on helps (you are now limited to 2 builders max as a new player. They don't care that it is unfair). It also helps having two heroes who will see you through victories.
  2. While you are upgrading if you are out of resources and have a full stack of army and heroes go battle someone. Take all their resources and then upgrade your own at their expense.
  3. See if someone attacks you and try to purposely lose it will give you free 8 hours of protection. This is really cool since you get free protection which you would otherwise have to pay with precious gems and try to battle in the world map.
  4. While upgrades and things are taking place use your armies and heroes to pick up points on the world map! You can probably get all the way upto 15/45 completed with perfect 3 star scores in all before getting into some trouble.
  5. The Builder's house isn't being upgraded. You can get a maximum of 2 buliders now.

Throne Rush Tactical Strategies

  1. I see a lot of players use a very open map. If you are building a city DO NOT LEAVE GREEN GAPS! If you leave green gaps the opponent can unleash their armies within that gap rendering your defenses useless.
  2. Opposites Attract – Use orcs and goblins early on with your drawf canooneer. Always sending your front line first before unleashing your hero. Otherwise if your hero dies you will have to wait a few hours. Also use one light/good side army composite and one dark/evil side composite. They are truly complementary. Examples would be archers/orcs. Use the dark forces for their leg power and use the light forces for their air power. Tie in heros and you are unstoppable.
  3. Greening – Use spacing wisely! If you notice there are certain spaces you can spread out your buildings before showing green spaces again. Use as much space as possible without ‘greening’.
  4. Towers up Play – Early on use your defense towers and archer towers to protect the castle. Since most of the points are at the castle. Later on at the advance stages it is not as important as money and resources become more primary drivers. At later stages it is the morale that matters most.
  5. Walls Around Play – In building defenses do not waste your money on wall upgrades. Walls are cool and give you a slight comfort and relief but if you have spaced out well and defenses covering all 4 sides you should be able to withhold any army. Since goblins, mages, elfs can shoot over range it is a good play to play a building in front so they are forced to attack that first while your towers pick at them.
  6. Shot Clock Play - I have seen so many play so defensive that it is really horrifying. They consolidate everything so closely that if you have enough archers or eagles you can easily demolish the opponent in no time. So that is why I recommend that you space out as much as possible thereby delaying them and time runs out.
  7. Tying the Noose – It his a play used by advanced players by attacking all 4 sides of the wall simultaneously. If helps diversify the attack range and helps narrow in on the map.
  8. -1 Play – This is something I use sometimes where I do not want to launch a full scale attack but I just want the resources. So I scan through the map cherry pick on the resources and leave. In the process I lose 1 point but I gain more resources.

I hope you liked the stuff I posted. I hope it helps. I might have missed a few things so let me know by leaving a comment below.

If you are encountering problems or want to know more again leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you with helping you build and expand for free! 

If you have also upgraded to a brotherhood sending me your request the username is daBradars that is the name of the Throne Rush brotherhood. Cheers - Danish Wasim of Desiyn. in throne rush is moments when we could not attack at the ather plaiers tayn

Sorry folks.