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Balancing Upgrades

There are several different avenues to follow when playing Throne Rush:

  • Some people feel that you should not increase your castle level until you have leveled everything in your village as high as your castle level allows. This is a good strategy for increasing your defense as you level up:
    • Strong defenses stop your village from being destroyed as easily. However, there are always other armies that are strong enough to level your village. However, a stronger defense may mean that fewer people are strong enough to destroy your village around your morale level
    • If you focus on defense without increasing the level of your castle, you are attacking other villages with an army comprised of weaker units. If they are strong enough to do the job, then great. However, if you find yourself not getting 70% destruction of enemy villages you may not have a strong enough army and it is time to increase your castle and army levels
    • Walls are great, because they obviously slow down the enemy army. I would argue that strong towers are possibly even more important because they can take out an army even without walls if they are strong enough. A combination of a balanced strength for towers and walls gives you the best of both worlds
    • Remember that focusing on leveling up defense without upgrading your castle results in you not being able to build as many towers. This is because as your castle level increases, the number of certain types of towers you can build gets unlocked. Also, you cannot build certain towers until you reach certain castle levels
  • Other people, including myself, feel that upgrading your castle is the key to unlocking your village because it lets you upgrade the strength of everything in your village. Think about it... once you reach castle level 20, you may still have to upgrade other buildings to unlock certain game aspects but you are no longer limited by your castle level and the entire game is pretty much unlocked for you. You just need to collect the resources, start the upgrades, and wait for the painfully long build process to finish. Whenever you increase your castle level you get the following benefits:
    • Increased number of towers and higher level
    • Increased types of towers that get unlocked at certain castle levels
    • Increased number of walls and higher level
    • Increased army options
    • Increased level of army recruits, which can destroy higher level villages that fetch greater rewards
    • A stronger army that destroys a village by 70% continuously grows your morale, which puts you in a league. When you are in a league and destroy a village, the more the better, then you get bonus gold, bread, and sand with each victory. These bonuses are the key to growing your wealth as quickly as possible
    • When your town is destroyed enough, you are automatically given a 12 hour shield. Your first attack subtracts 3 hours from your shield. Your second attack subtracts 4 hours from your shield. Your third attack subtracts 6 hours from your shield. This means that you get about 3 attacks under the protection of a shield. If you make good use of these attacks, you can get large bonuses added to your rewards and grow your bounty beyond what was taken from you when you were attacked
    • Increasing your castle level quickly may mean that your village defenses are lower. For example, my towers are in the level 13/14 range and my walls range from 11-17, which the majority being 11 and 12. I am currently trying to get all 11 and 12 walls to 13
    • Walls and towers get more expensive as the levels get higher, which is why having a stronger and bigger army to more quickly and completely destroy enemy towns is important... to grow your resources faster and easier
    • SECRET KUNG FU TRICK!!! Sorry... I can't tell you because then you will use it against me and it won't be a secret kung fu trick anymore ;-) I really mean it though.... I did find a really cool trick in the game. UPDATE: Apparently, it isn't so much of a secret. Nexters tells me that everybody gets 6 hours of "being online" where you cannot be attacked. I thought I found a time window where people were likely asleep and I couldn't be attacked from 6-7PM to 12-1AM. However, it looks like it is just game daily reset time and my 6 online hours are beginning. Everybody gets it and would be attacking during their 6 hours of online time... so no secret :((
  • Whichever path you choose, you have to balance between upgrading your village to match your castle level and continuously increasing your castle level. If you increase your castle level to 16 or 17, but your towers are all level 5 or 6, your town is going to get easily attacked and destroyed on a regular basis. If you are successfully attacked too often you will not be able to accumulate enough resources to upgrade buildings or units that take more resources to build
  • Fast Army: If your army takes longer than an hour to build, then you aren't going to accumulate resources very quickly. If you can create strong enough units, then you may be able to build an army in 45 minutes or even less. It depends on which units you use. At castle level 17, my go to army takes an hour to build and consists of:
    • 6 ents (16 soon to be 17)
    • 3 elephants (16 soon to be 17)
    • 9 mages (16 soon to be 17)
    • 4 knights (16 soon to be 17)
    • Dwarf Cannon level 50
    • My HQs are level 14 and my pop max is 280. 15 is the maximum HQ level as of 2/25/2021

Upgrading Towers

Here are a couple of strategies you can employ when upgrading your towers. I have incorporated each one at different times, based on the needs of the time. Keep in mind that the primary goals for tower upgrading is to reduce the damage done to your town so you can keep your resources as much as possible. Each of the strategies below incorporates strategies to balance defense and economy.

Upgrading Lowest Cost First

One strategy that I engaged in was making a list of all my towers and keeping track of how much each one cost. I kept this list in cost order, so that I would focus on upgrading the cheapest towers first. My thinking here covers several points:

  • It is easier to save up a smaller amount of resources quickly without being attacked too much (saves economic loss by being destroyed less)
  • People tend to skip over your town if your resources are lower ((saves economic loss by being destroyed less)
  • Focusing on lower level and lower cost towers allows you to lift all of your defenses up in an even way that encompasses your entire town while keeping raids on your town down
  • As your towers all become more expensive, having all of your towers be a higher level provides you more protection from attacks as you try to climb higher and save more resources. You don't get this level of protection by only maxing only your fire towers, etc
  • This is a good defense/economy balance. The only drawback is that you could also benefit somewhat from having some select towers at a higher level because they are good for tanking units or taking out groups of units. For this reason, sometimes it is good to balance these strategies to benefit from the best parts of each

Upgrading One of Each to Max Level

  • Every tower in the game has a different purpose or approach to attacking units. Some target one unit at a time, while others attack entire groups at the same time. Others still, attack from long distance and from short distance. Then, there are other towers that merely pulse like a giant bug zapper and kill only the units that are immediately around it. If you've ever heard of the saying, "You're only as strong as your weakest link", then you can understand how having all of your towers be weak will result in your town getting repeatedly flattened. You may not feel like you have time to engage in the Upgraing Lowest Cost First strategy because you need some more strength fast. Perhaps you need it specifically in a certain part of your town, based on patterns of the attacks on your town. The idea here is to increase the level of one tower of certain towers, or every tower type, to quickly increase the strength of your town
  • There are a few reasons why this strategy is beneficial for part of your Throne Rush journey:
    • It can be psychologically daunting to an attacker if he sees you have a higher level tower, or one of each maxed to level 15, causing them to second guess attacking your town in the first place
    • An attacker who decides to attack your town may not realize that some of your towers are a higher level and you can surprise them and take their army out quickly with that extra fire power
    • Certain units, like ents and trolls, are damaged best by fire towers (including minarets), death towers, and ziggurats. If you have one of each of these towers leveled up to be strong, it can help defeat armies with these units, just as a strong storm zpire in your town might surprise an attacker as he sees his dragons and eagles vaporized
    • Your overall town may be relatively weak, but you can create pockets of unforeseen strength that can decimate armies who attack from the wrong place
  • You don't want to just spend your time and resources on maxing out all special towers because it starts getting really expensive and you will get attacked more and more so your town will get destroyed more, causing you to lose more resources to an overall lower defense situation. It is also slower to save so many resources when your defenses are weak, whereas the lowest cost method gets more towers built faster. The maxing out on certain towers is really more for providing pockets of strength in an overall weak town. This increases your defenses without risking as much defeat and loss of resources over time. It is also inspiring and uplifting to be able to see some towers getting to higher levels because Throne Rush is a game of patience that takes forever. It is nice to see the fruit of your labor sometimes

Upgrading Certain Types of Towers First

  • Let's say that you are castle level 15, and at this point your towers are all at least 3-4 levels below what your castle level allows because you castled up faster than you increased your defenses. In this situation, you could benefit from the Upgrading Lowest Cost First strategy above. However, you may notice attacks on your town with trolls that stand in front of your ziggurats, hoping ziggy will make them disappear, only to find that ziggy is barely damaging those trolls as you watch those trolls take ziggy out. Or perhaps you have a death tower immediately surrounded by walls so that the death tower will dutifully kill ents and trolls, singeing them with each and every pulse as they try to break through your wall to reach your tower. Again, only to find that your death tower doesn't really deal death quite like you thought it would. It's so bad that you wonder why it is even called a "death" tower because it didn't "kill" anything... as you watch your death tower collapse. Your immediate thought during times like these is that these towers need to be stronger
  • In some cases, your instincts here are correct. Sometimes, if your overall town defenses aren't strong enough, you need to upgrade some key towers before other towers just to give yourself more defense against attacks
  • The pros with these upgrades is that you advance certain towers more quickly by focusing on them and they help in key moments when you are under attack because they are actually a high enough level to do decent damage to attackers
  • The cons with these upgrades is that they cost more in resources and you risk getting hit for larger losses when resource-hungry enemies come through and catch you while you're waiting for your army to build again. It ends up costly you more to make the same overall amount because you get hit a little more for more of your resources so you have to work harder to save up
  • While saving up gold to upgrade towers like this, you can incorporate a strategy to keep attacks on your town down... keeping your bread resources low (see next section for more information)

Building Walls With Bread While Upgrading Towers

  • The nature of the game of Throne Rush is that people have limited armies that take time to build, and people want to get the most for their time and resources when they choose a town to attack. Sure, sometimes people are really only looking for gold or only looking for bread, or only looking for sand, but most of the time a player is looking to score big on all three, or at least gold and bread
  • Knowing this nature of Throne Rush means you can logically discern that if you are saving up one resource (like gold) and your town is going to look very attractive to attackers, that if you keep your other resource (like bread) to a minimum, people who are looking to score big are more likely to pass on your town
  • There are a few ways to keep your bread down while upgrading towers: Building walls with bread, building mines, building treasuries, and upgrading army units. One of my favorites is building walls because they take forever, and you can get rid of your bread resources faster after a few fights. While you build up that 44 million gold to upgrade that fire tower to level 7, attackers see that they are only going to get 64K bread from the attack. Most will think to themselves, "I can do better",. and click that Skip button. Of course, there will be the occasional "Nice! I really needed a lot of gold in one strike like this" people, but there aren't as many of them. This results in getting attacked less, which results in you keeping and building your resources up faster
  • As a side note, this concept also works when you are trying to upgrade buildings or units that require saving up a lot of bread. Using gold to build walls or artifacts, etc, keeps your gold down while you save more bread
  • A side effect of this strategy is that while you are building in one direction, you are always building your walls

I did not write the rest of this strategy page. I edited some of it to clean it up, but it was created by another author several years ago


Go from level 0 to Level 16 in 24 hours

I first got involved with Throne Rush this summer and I been hooked ever since.

At first it reminded me of the game Lord of the Rings war strategy game. After careful review it is just that. Only downfall to LOTR game was it did not include a Blizzard version of online multi-player gaming version. LOTR game paid the price when Throne Rush came out and consolidated it with a farming concept on Facebook.

However not to boast but I am fairly decent at war strategies. I even play Blizzard’s Star Craft 2 online gold ranked 1 v 1. Platinum 2 v 2.

I have been busy with coding and running my business and have a life outside so I have diminished to a silver status. It is okay I still get ranked with Gold and platinum players so I am okay being the underdog in many ways I kinda like it.

SPOILER ALERTS: YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY $ 20 – $ 25 (not to me) but to Throne Rush for acquisitions of GEMS! If you can get them somewhere else or using the freebies then go for it! 

Anyways since you are let’s get to it.


In the beginning of Throne Rush you get a castle a few tools to start with:

  • Castle
  • Builder’s House
  • Barracks
  • Headquarters
  • Windmill
  • Mine
  • Barn
  • Treasury
  • Tower

The focus should be triangular: MONEY – FOOD – CASTLE

  • To expand in Throne Rush you need both money and food. So this should be your primary driver. Whenever you are restricted because you need to upgrade your castle then do so
  • If you have 1 builder always upgrade your windmill or mine at all times
  • Do not worry about amassing your armies and conquering at this point in Throne Rush. Even expansion (increasing your land) doesn’t help. It dilutes your resources. Focus on these two and the rest will come. Just do it right! My grand father (RIP) would always say to me growing up

If you are in a situation and most likely you will be because you have only 1 builder try to get 2 builders.

Now when you purchase your Throne Rush gems or acquire them using the free gems offering. Get all the way up to 4 builders. It doesn’t make sense now but it will definitely help speed things up and a very powerful Throne Rush Strategy. Note that you can only get 3 builders and you have to join a brotherhood and get enough challenge cups in the Brotherhood Challenge event. You will see a "Coming Soon!" icon on the right-hand side of the screen when the challenge is not happening. When the challenge is started, then it will display a time and you can earn cups. Earn enough cups and you can increase your Ice Obelisks and get them activated. You will also get other brotherhood benefits, one of which is the extra 4th builder.

As soon as you can do the following upgrades:

  1. Get all 6 builders – 720 Gems - 2/25/2021 edit. You can only get 4 builders now
  2. Get Dwarf Canooneer – 45 Gems
  3. Flames of Retribution. – 250 Gems

Throne Rush Strategies to follow:

  1. Continuously upgrade your barn and treasury. NOT YOUR MINE AND WINDMILL! There is a difference I shall explain!
  2. Continue doing all of the side upgrades while you are waiting for the expansion to be completed. It helps with the time allocation.

Throne Rush Operational Strategies

  1. To successfully advance you will need to upgrade and get more gold and food to continue. This is where having 4 builders early on helps You are initially limited to 2 builders max as a new player. It also helps having two heroes who will see you through victories.
  2. While you are upgrading if you are out of resources and have a full stack of army and heroes go battle someone. Take all their resources and then upgrade your own at their expense.
  3. See if someone attacks you and try to purposely lose it will give you free 12 hours of protection. This is really cool since you get free protection which you would otherwise have to pay with precious gems and try to battle in the world map.
  4. While upgrades and things are taking place use your armies and heroes to pick up points on the world map! You can probably get all the way upto 15/45 completed with perfect 3 star scores in all before getting into some trouble.
  5. The Builder's house isn't being upgraded. You can get a maximum of 2 buliders now.

Throne Rush Tactical Strategies

  1. I see a lot of players use a very open map. If you are building a city DO NOT LEAVE GREEN GAPS! If you leave green gaps the opponent can unleash their armies within that gap rendering your defenses useless.
  2. Opposites Attract – Use orcs and goblins early on with your drawf canooneer. Always sending your front line first before unleashing your hero. Otherwise if your hero dies you will have to wait a few hours. Also use one light/good side army composite and one dark/evil side composite. They are truly complementary. Examples would be archers/orcs. Use the dark forces for their leg power and use the light forces for their air power. Tie in heros and you are unstoppable.
  3. Greening – Use spacing wisely! If you notice there are certain spaces you can spread out your buildings before showing green spaces again. Use as much space as possible without ‘greening’.
  4. Towers up Play – Early on use your defense towers and gargoyle towers to protect the castle. Since most of the points are at the castle. Later on at the advance stages it is not as important as money and resources become more primary drivers. At later stages it is the morale that matters most.
  5. Walls Around Play – In building defenses do not waste your money on wall upgrades. Walls are cool and give you a slight comfort and relief but if you have spaced out well and defenses covering all 4 sides you should be able to withhold any army. Since goblins, mages, elfs can shoot over range it is a good play to play a building in front so they are forced to attack that first while your towers pick at them.
  6. Shot Clock Play - I have seen so many play so defensive that it is really horrifying. They consolidate everything so closely that if you have enough archers or eagles you can easily demolish the opponent in no time. So that is why I recommend that you space out as much as possible thereby delaying them and time runs out.
  7. Tying the Noose – It his a play used by advanced players by attacking all 4 sides of the wall simultaneously. If helps diversify the attack range and helps narrow in on the map.
  8. Minus Morale Points Play – This is something I use sometimes where I do not want to launch a full scale attack but I just want the resources. So I scan through the map cherry pick on the resources and leave. In the process I lose some morale points but I gain more resources. Growing your morale increases your league, which increases your bonus resources. Use this getting only resources while losing on occassion to ensure you keep your morale level at a range where you can handle attacking opponents at the right level, and can handle being attacked by players at that level

I hope you like the stuff I posted. I hope it helps. I might have missed a few things so let me know by leaving a comment below.

If you are encountering problems or want to know more again leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you with helping you build and expand for free! 

If you have also upgraded to a brotherhood sending me your request the username is daBradars that is the name of the Throne Rush brotherhood. Cheers - Danish Wasim of Desiyn. in throne rush is moments when we could not attack at the ather plaiers tayn

Sorry folks.