The ancient gods
The Ancient gods event was released on 13 February 2015 and ended on . During this event, players can collect magic arrows in battle to level up their statue, giving the player a chance of winning daily troops, spells, artifacts and a decoration, Fountain of the Nymphs. Later in the event players are put into leagues to fight against eachother in order to win more decorations.


Item Name of the Artifact Effect Level of availability
Bacchus' Wreath

Bacchus' Wreath

Bacchus' Wreath +10% health for warriors of Chaos Level 1
Hermes' Caduceus

Hermes' Caduceus

Hermes' Caduceus -10% less resources are stolen from you Level 6
Venus' flower

Venus' Flower

Venus' Flower +10% health for warriors of Order Level 11
Cupid's Bow

Cupid's Bow

Cupid's Bow +10% damage to defensive buildings Level 16
Aurora's flame

Aurora's Flame

Aurora's Flame +10% attack of defensive buildings Level 21


Achievement How to earn Reward
9 Fountain of the Nymphs

Claim through The Ancient Gods event

+15% production of all resources

Fountain of the nymph
9 Champion's Banner

Claim the prize for placing 1-5 & 26-100 in the Tournament of The Ancient Gods

-15% damage when a unit targets a building surrounding it's range

9 Goddess' Statue

Claim the prize for placing 6-25 in the Tournament of The Ancient Gods

+15% damage to defensive buildings surrounding it's range

Statue 1
9 Minotaur Statue

Claim the prize for placing 1-25 in the Tournament of The Ancient Gods

+15% building's HP surrounding it's range

Statue 2


Bloody Phantoms are recoulered version of the Wraith These units are only obtainable by the special event of Febuary 2015. (Your statue need to be level 16 to unlock this.) Also the Bloody Phantoms are stronger than the original Wraiths, and the Bloody Phantoms have a red skin body and grey head.

Bloody Phantoms
11051589 1797773897113863 361103275 n
Type Ground unit
Priority Target Defense
Attack Type Target
Range 2
Speed 3
Army size 110
Damage 65
Hitpoints 200


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